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Universal Air Evac successfully reaccredited by EURAMI


Universal Air Evac (UAE) is pleased to have been found compliant with the high standards of the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) and successfully reaccredited.  Accreditation was received for long range/intercontinental fixed wing air ambulance operations in the Adult Critical Care medical category.
To our clients and patients, this serves as an indicator that we are an established aeromedical transport service who place excellence, quality and safety at the forefront of everything we do. Criteria evaluated as part of the EURAMI standards include business processes, safety and quality management, operations and aviation management, medical management and clinical practice.
EURAMI is the most globally recognised indicator of quality in Aero-Medical Transportation, accrediting providers all around the globe. The standards are created and published by the European Aero-Medical Institute as a guideline and requirement for high quality and safety while increasing and promoting the best patient care in aero-medical transportation, making it a key component when it comes to working with aeromedical providers.
We are deeply proud of this achievement and appreciative of the commitment and contribution of the UAE team in order to maintain this prestigious accreditation.