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  • Transparent Dealings With All Clients

Africa’s Most Trusted Air Ambulance
and Commercial Medical Escort Provider

Choosing the Right Air Ambulance

Choosing the right air ambulance provider is critical to the patient, as well as everyone close to them who are being affected by the medical emergency. 

Vital questions to ask yourself before choosing an air ambulance company are:

Are highly trained and professional, mission specific medical crew utilised?
Are they able to satisfy the highest aviation operational and safety standards?
Are they transparent in all dealings with clients?
Are they cost-effective?

At Universal Air Evac we answer yes to these vital questions.

We are a trusted and reliable international* air ambulance company. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we offer a variety of air medical flight services including private air ambulance and commercial medical escorts. 

We provide end-to-end patient transportation where we accompany the patient every step of the way. We ensure their safety from point of departure to hand-over at the desired destination. With Universal Air Evac, you are assured worry-free bed-to-bed air ambulance transport service.

Universal Air Evac offers emergency air ambulance services, whether you require assistance for your clients, employees, family members when they have fallen ill or been injured both domestically or internationally*. You are guaranteed a higher level of healthcare.

Africa’s Premium Air Ambulance with a Global Reach 

Not only do we service clients in South Africa, but we also provide dedicated air ambulance services across the African continent, the surrounding islands, into Europe and the Middle East. Air ambulance flights into the America’s and Asia through industry partnerships with other air ambulance providers by doing wing to wing transfers.

So, whether you are requiring domestic or international air ambulance travel, you can rely on our medical professionals to follow strict procedures and protocol. 

  • Doctor-Based Medical Teams
  • Dedicated, Permanently Configured Long Range Jet Air Ambulances
  • Clinical Governance Oversight
  • 24/7/365 Operations
  • Full Call Centre Operations Platform
  • Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Plan and Facilities 
  • In-House Aircraft Maintenance Support
  • Adult And Paediatric ICU Equipped 
  • Safe Transportation of Infectious Patients

Safe, Professional and Experienced

With us, the patient's wellbeing and comfort are our primary considerations.

The air ambulance aircraft we utilise are fully equipped and engineered for safety.

Our dedication and professionalism ensure the highest levels of success and safety.. We boast highly experienced flight crew, dedicated operations teams and aircraft engineers who make up part of our staff complement.

Each flight employs a mission-specific combination of a Flight Doctor and Flight Nurse or Flight Paramedic who have been professionally trained to provide the utmost care. 

After years in the industry, we have also built up professional relationships with various partners and industry suppliers. This guarantees you competitive pricing and heightened safety standards. 

Commercial Medical Escorts

Medical escorts can be requested to provide assistance to qualifying patients onboard commercial airliners internationally. 

We have access to most major airlines and destinations and these can be organised by simply contacting us. 

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