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Our Company

Africa’s First Choice for Air Ambulance Services

Our Medical Team

Our team is made up of medical professionals who are specifically trained in their fields. We insist on high levels of professionalism and experience. 

Each member of the team has been specifically picked to perform their role and to ensure the safety and care of each patient. 

Medical Flight Crew

Every patient is unique, which is why each medical flight crew comprises a mission-specific combination of a Flight Doctor and Flight Nurse or Flight Paramedic.

Highly-trained and professional, the medical flight crew have ACLS and PALS, ATLS, pre-hospital EMS, ICU and trauma experience.

24/7 Flight Desk

Great outcomes in the air rely on excellent support on the ground.  

At Universal Air Evac, support and logistics are managed by a 24/7 Flight Desk, staffed by medically qualified personnel. The Flight Desk handles all flight requests and tracks every flight from start to finish, communicating detailed updates on flight progress to clients throughout. The Flight Desk operates from a full call centre platform that includes a case management system and voice logging.

Maintenance & Scheduling

Aircraft maintenance and scheduling is controlled and managed through Universal Air Evac’s in-house maintenance controller and line support. 

Dedicated engineers enjoy full manufacturer and OEM support, while the fleet types ensure parts support, availability and common knowledge bases and skillsets.

Accredited Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Services for Africa

Universal Air Evac is a EURAMI Accredited provider of fixed-wing air ambulance services based at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Design & Planning
Design & Planning


Universal Air Evac operates from a dedicated NAC base at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. This world-class operations base offers:

  • 24/7/365 operations
  • 24/7 Flight Desk with emergency call taking and voice recording
  • Aviation Control Desk with satellite tracking of all aircraft, weather updates and CCTV cameras to monitor progress on any flight activation
  • Secured Medical Store with direct access to load onto the aircraft
Manufacturing, Delivery & Installation